Korea has been called a “forgotten war” since at least October 1951 when U.S. News & World Report gave it that moniker. In reality, though, Americans did not so much forget the Korean War as never think about it at all. When the war first broke out, people worried that American involvement would usher in the same type of rationing and full mobilization that had characterized the Second World War.

This country was brutalized by the Japanese Occupation and then suffered a war like no one had seen. The weather is brutal , the terrain is unbelievable, and the spirit of the people indescribable.

So this year's Veterans CX has been renamed 11-11-11 after the holiday we enjoy. 11 = hour 11 = day 11 = month, the end of the War to End all Wars - WWI. Do not confuse the title with the date of the race November 7, 2021 at Donderdag Park, 6161 Woodend, Shawnee, Kansas.

The Race Flier is going through KCA's and USAC's procedures at this time and the Bike Reg is ready pending the permitting of this event. Every year from this year, I will honor veterans who have served after Korea. So next year will be RVN's turn. I will keep on going until I run out of conflicts/wars until I go to the Happy Mountain. HA!!